Resilience and Dedication: Join Cody Cleary in Defending Every Voice in Our Community

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“Resilience and Dedication: Join Cody Cleary in Defending Every Voice in Our Community”

Together, Let’s Forge a Future Where Every Voice Matters – Be a Part of Cody Cleary’s Vision for Our Community”

July 9th Huntington Beach, CA – July 9, 2024 ( – Cody Cleary remains resolute in his commitment to seek the support of Huntington Beach residents. He expressed concern that pressure to withdraw from the race stemmed from apprehensions that his candidacy would detract votes from officially endorsed candidates. Nonetheless, Cleary emphasizes that the candidates are not entitled to these votes; rather, they must earn the support of Huntington Beach voters.

Growing up with a single mother who worked tirelessly to provide for him and his siblings, Cody understands the importance of hard work and resilience. Despite not coming from a wealthy background, his home was filled with love and determination. These values have driven Cody to succeed as a business owner and award wining prelim promoter of a national pageant , overseeing multiple restaurants and managing a event company that puts on events for the lgbtq+ community and its allies in Southern California.

Cody Cleary’s campaign is centered on fiscal responsibility, increasing affordable housing, and ensuring law and order.

“The residents of Huntington Beach have been taxed enough. We deserve to bring in more businesses and investments to our city, reducing the tax burden on both businesses and residents,” Cody stated.

His commitment to fiscal responsibility is unwavering, and he believes that by fostering a business-friendly environment, the entire community will benefit.In addition to fiscal policies, Cody is passionate about increasing affordable housing options.

“We need housing that’s affordable for all residents in our city,” he emphasized. Cody aims to work diligently to ensure that every resident has access to safe and affordable housing.

Cody’s stance on law and order is clear.

He advocates for tough-on-crime policies to protect residents and businesses.

“We need to protect our city residents and businesses. If you commit a crime and are found guilty, you should be arrested and charged. We cannot allow people to hurt our businesses and residents,” Cody declared. He is a strong supporter of the police and fire departments and believes in maintaining a safe community for all.

Cody’s dedication to the LGBTQ+ community is evident in his actions. He has award winning prelim pageants that have gave a voice to the lgbtq+ a platform on a national stage. He has also put on events in shows in Huntington Beach and socal and is committed to uniting voices and bringing opportunities for others like him to get out to Vote and run for office.

Despite facing adversity, Cody remains steadfast in his mission to serve Huntington Beach. “I am here to support and listen to every resident and business owner in Huntington Beach and lead to the best of my abilities,” Cody affirmed.

The stakes in this election are high, and the choice is clear. Cody Cleary stands as a beacon of resilience and dedication, ready to defend every voice in the community. He invites all residents of Huntington Beach to join him in creating a prosperous and united city where every voice is heard and valued.

For more information about Cody Cleary and his campaign, please visit his official website or contact his campaign office.

For more information about Cody Cleary’s campaign and his positions on key issues, please visit his campaign website or his Instagram.

Cody Cleary for Huntington Beach City Council
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