Tha Wha’zup Crew: Independent Music Sensation


Tha Wha’zup Crew: Independent Music Sensation

Brooklyn, NY – July 9, 2024 ( – Tha Wha’zup Crew is taking the music industry by storm with their unique blend of podcasts, hip-hop music, and videos. Led by Ronald Conry (RonCon01), the crew includes top artists Zay Liege and Chubby Blanco, who are quickly gaining attention for their fresh and original content.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Ronald Conry has always had a passion for music. After taking a break to work at NYCHA, his son reignited his musical spirit by starting the Wha’zup Crew and show, with Ronald managing the team. Tha Wha’zup Crew’s podcast and hip-hop tracks are captivating audiences, providing new music and episodes for their subscribers to enjoy.

Notable highlights for Tha Wha’zup Crew include a pending collaboration with Lil Wayne and their hit song “No Felony,” which has garnered 95,000 views on YouTube and 100,000 streams on Spotify. What sets Tha Wha’zup Crew apart is their independent approach, producing all their work without a label. Their creativity and originality shine through in every project.

For more information and to stay updated with Tha Wha’zup Crew, visit their YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages. Don’t miss out on the next big thing in independent music!


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