David Duford Endorses Agent CRM as Top Choice for Insurance Agents


David Duford Endorses Agent CRM as the Premier CRM Solution for Insurance Agents

NEW YORK, NY – July 10, 2024 (USANews.com) – Renowned insurance expert David Duford has officially endorsed Agent CRM as his CRM platform of choice, citing its advanced features, robust support, and seamless integration with AI technology. Duford, who has been a leader in the insurance industry since 2011, emphasizes the critical role that a CRM plays in the success of insurance agents, especially those operating in the telesales space.

Having built a telesales team with a production exceeding $2 million, Duford insists that a CRM is “non-negotiable” for success in selling final expense and other insurance products. “You have to have a CRM, ladies and gentlemen, it is not negotiable. In order to be successful…you have to have a way to organize, and control the information from your clients, your leads, the outcomes of what happens, what time to call them back, etc., if you want to maximize your profitability,” says Duford.

Choosing Agent CRM

After extensive evaluation, Duford selected Agent CRM over other platforms due to its comprehensive capabilities and ease of use. He highlights the platform’s ability to enhance client relationships, streamline operations, and ultimately increase sales. “The sole purpose of this is optimizing your ability to make money,” Duford explains. He praises Agent CRM for its ability to automate essential processes such as sending thank-you letters, requesting referrals, and following up with clients through text messages, all without manual intervention.

Incorporating AI with Agent CRM

Duford also leverages the AI capabilities that can be found within Agent CRM to further enhance efficiency and client engagement. He has implemented an automated appointment-setting AI bot named Grace, which interacts with leads to set appointments and rekindle interest. “Our agents now are in a position to where they’re getting appointments set for them in the background without ever thinking about it. They’re re-initiating old leads that may otherwise have been not interested or maybe you tried to reach them, and they didn’t pick up,” Duford states. This innovative use of AI underscores the platform’s potential to drive long-term value and growth.

Endorsement of Alex Branning and Agent CRM

Agent CRM, under Alex Branning’s leadership, has become a trusted tool for thousands of insurance agents. The platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly with various marketing and sales systems, combined with its unparalleled support, sets it apart from other CRMs in the market.

About David Duford

David Duford is the owner of The Duford Insurance Group and has been an influential figure in the insurance industry since 2011. Specializing in final expense insurance, Duford has built a successful telesales team and continues to provide valuable insights and training to insurance agents nationwide.

About Agent CRM

Agent CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform designed specifically for insurance agents. With features including automated workflows, AI integrations, and extensive support options, Agent CRM helps insurance agents streamline their operations, enhance client relationships, and increase sales.

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