IT Unlimited in Roseville CA Expands Executive Team, Product Offerings, and Support Staff


IT Unlimited in Roseville CA Expands Executive Team, Product Offerings, and Support Staff

Roseville, CA – July 10, 2024 ( – IT Unlimited, one of the most in-demand IT services providers in Northern California, is thrilled to announce significant 2024 enhancements to their operations. These include a substantial addition to their executive team, the doubling of their telecom product offerings (now including services from all four top telecom carriers), the doubling of their client support staff, and the establishment of an 8-person digital marketing agency inside the company for clients.

First and foremost, IT Unlimited is excited to welcome former Yahoo Finance Top-40 Under-40 entrepreneur James Smiley to their executive team. With over two decades of Fortune 2000 deal-making experience, a Silicon Valley IPO in his 20s, and co-founding the AT&T Partner Exchange, James Smiley brings an unparellel strategic advantage to IT Unlimited. This addition opens up new possibilities for vendors and channel partners nationwide.

In addition to this strategic hire, IT Unlimited has doubled the size of its support staff. This expansion is a part of CEO Ryan Habenicht’s vision of providing the best service delivery experience in the industry.

“We continue to be the company businesses run to after those ‘marketing sizzle IT firms’ failed them. We just keep it simple, we do exactly what we say we’re going to do and people love us for that,” Ryan shared at Channel Partners.

Furthermore, IT Unlimited is about to launch an enterprise-grade, carrier billing platform in Q3. This new software is tied directly into the top 4 telecom carriers, enabling IT Unlimited to sell telecom solutions from their own platform, bundled on their client invoices, while offering clients substantial savings on their internet, cloud, VoIP, and mobility services.

Adding to this momentum, IT Unlimited recently launched an 8-person digital marketing agency within the company, allowing clients to now bundle all their digital marketing needs onto their bill as well—further driving savings and high-value solutions. This dedicated digital marketing success team will focus on providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions including AI-enabled solutions, cutting-edge online sales funnels, and state-of-the-art video and photo solutions for all clients.

“So many of our clients realize they need to enhance and optimize their online presence, drive engagement from prospects, and funnel leads into their business through social platforms—we needed to be the best at this, so we acquired the most experienced digital marketing firm in the country and are slowly rolling out their services to all our clients,” said Ryan.

“Overall, we are thrilled about these expansions which are only made possible by our unbelievable team,” said Mr. Habenicht. “Their hard work and dedication to client success is the heartbeat of this company.”

About IT Unlimited:
IT Unlimited is an IT services and digital marketing solutions company based in Northern California, offering a wide range of IT solutions, telecom services, digital marketing services, and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. With a focus on top-notch customer experience, IT Unlimited is committed to helping their clients succeed in today’s digital climate and social world.

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