RoxStar Fly Striker: #1 Fishing Spinner on Amazon for 2 Years

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RoxStar Fly Striker: The #1 Selling Fishing Spinner on Amazon for Two Consecutive Years

Tested and Proven Across Every State, Setting a New Standard in Inline Spinner Fishing

Worldwide – July 10, 2024 ( – July 10, 2024 – RoxStar Fishing, the innovative leader in high-quality fishing gear, proudly announces that the RoxStar Fly Striker has held the prestigious title of the #1 selling fishing spinner on Amazon for the past two years. Celebrated by anglers nationwide, the Fly Striker boasts a remarkable return customer rate of over 50% within 30 days of initial purchase, cementing its status as the new gold standard in inline spinner fishing.

RoxStar Fishing was founded three years ago by Mike James, who originally created the Fly Striker over 15 years ago for his personal use. Driven by his passion for the sport, Mike established RoxStar Fishing to share his expertly crafted products with the fishing community. Committed to unparalleled quality, every product is meticulously made in-house by hand, ensuring the highest standards from start to finish.

In an exciting development, RoxStar Fishing will be attending ICAST 2024, where they will unveil the renowned Fly Striker for wholesale to brick-and-mortar retailers for the first time. This milestone is supported by a significant investment of over $1.4 million in advertising over the next 12 months, aimed at amplifying brand awareness and reaching even more fishing enthusiasts.

Beyond the Fly Striker, RoxStar Fishing specializes in an extensive range of hand-tied flies. With a team of over 35 in-house expert tiers, the company is equipped to handle any custom fly-fishing needs, delivering superior craftsmanship and performance.

Join us at ICAST 2024 to experience the RoxStar difference and discover why the Fly Striker has become a must-have for anglers across the country.
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